We can have Help from Always Innovating !

Thomas HOCEDEZ thomas.hocedez at free.fr
Tue Oct 5 10:56:28 CEST 2010

On 20/09/2010 17:22, Thomas HOCEDEZ wrote:
>   Le 20/09/2010 16:26, Maksim 'max_posedon' Melnikau a écrit :
>> Adding GSM to MID-device definitely will make this device extra-cool.
>> Does somebody have idea how GSM could be added there?
>> Voice is most important feature for me. 3G and so on, could be
>> connected to touchbook part. May be its possible attach some gsm
>> board? (FR's or others).
>> Maksim
> In fact, I think I will try to reach them. I'll give you the answer asap.
Hang on dudes, please sit cumfortably, and read this message slowly !
This is the answer of a message I sent A.I. to try to find a way to work 
with them.

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for your interest in our products. This can definitely be an 
interesting opportunity.

As an early-stage startup, we don't have that much money and time to 
give upfront, but the idea remains seducing, and we may share what's 
already done to help things to go on. We obviously know Openmoko's 
Freerunner, but didn't play with it really much, nor know the team 
behind this device. How do you imagine things from your point of view: 
what do you have to bring into such a shared project, and how do you see 
the working-together process?

Alexandre - Always Innovating Team

Tada !  Everythnig is now open to find a way to mix Openmoko V4 project 
with the base of the A.I.'s MID.
As I said earlier, their specs are online, and the GTA04 project is 
progressing fast, nut with a litlle help on hardware it could be faster !

I want to answer Alexandre (I think he is the one from the videos), this 
week, to give a first clue on how we wanted to work.

So, Let's get imaginative : it's a brainstorm session !

Asthro, so happy !

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