New Phone Project (MiniMoko) : Which functionalities ?

Maksim 'max_posedon' Melnikau maxposedon at
Wed Oct 6 17:17:06 CEST 2010

On 10/6/10, Thomas HOCEDEZ <thomas.hocedez at> wrote:
> So, the first question is : What to add for this project being
> interresting ? Those will be minimal functions (forget Wimax, 4G,  coffe
> machines or color printer ...).
As for me I just want Voice Calls/SMS and thats all.

Even gprs/3G not important, because I can attach separate dongle
inside smartbook itself.

Similar about GPS. Quality of FR's GPS was much worse than in separate
devices, GPS inside MID might be even worse than in FR, implement nice
GPS signal in MID could be very hard task. I'll prefer use separate
GPS dongle.

> Second question : Debian is able to run on such a device, but does
> developpers of other distributions can tell if it would be possible to
> port their on it ?
MID is very similar to n900, we can say that SHR "already" supports
it, similar for all others distros which supports BeagleBoard.
Touchbook now supported by many OS'es. So it is a question which
distros have FSO support.

Andoid also could be a option, especially if AI's "multi-OS" support works nice.


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