New Phone Project (MiniMoko) : Which functionalities ?

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Thu Oct 7 05:33:10 CEST 2010

 06.10.2010 19:41, Thomas HOCEDEZ ?????:
> Hi,
> As you might have read, Always Innovating (A.I.), is opened to think
> about a collaboration between them and us (Openmoko community)  to
> build a phone based on their MiniBook.
> This device is a MID, without phone capabilities (except VoIP). So the
> idea is to build something together on that basis.
> I don't want AT ALL to shortcut GTA04 project, which is vital for
> everyone, so the main idea would be to improve a bit the MiniBook,
> generating a "lite" version of the GTA04. By "lite", I suggest not to
> overload the bill & motherboard with extra features that GTA04 will
> bring.
> More, The MiniBook have to stay an A.I. product, this mean, it must be
> linkable to the others as it does today.
> For information, MiniBook has already impressive specs :
>     * TI <> cortex-A8 with 3D and video acceleration
>     * 512MB (RAM) + 256MB (NAND) Memory
>     * Main storage: 8GB microSD card
>     * 480x320 3.5" capacitive touchscreen
>     * 30fps VGA front webcam
>     * Wifi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth class 2.1
>     * Video output HDMI HD
>     * Two high-quality stereo speakers
>     * Internal microphone
>     * Headphone jack
>     * 3-dimensional accelerometer
>     * One 1500 mAh battery
>     * Bi-color silver/black case 
>     * 64mm x 106mm x 9.3mm
>     * Secured attachment of the MID into a Touch Book Table
> There's nothing much to improve, nothing to remove, just adding GSM/3G
> chip. Nikolaus Schaller pointed the OPTION GTM501, which is a
> brilliant little chip ! And if we use the same one, the porting of
> distros/software will be easier from one machine to another.
> So, the first question is : What to add for this project being
> interresting ? Those will be minimal functions (forget Wimax, 4G, 
> coffe machines or color printer ...).
> Second question : Debian is able to run on such a device, but does
> developpers of other distributions can tell if it would be possible to
> port their on it ?
> Third question : On the basis we have a 'paper' version of the phone,
> is there anyone able to give a hand to AI for the integration of new
> components on the board or do we let AI do the major part of the job ?
> (this way, we only would be 'consultants' for them).
> Thanks for your interest.
> Thomas.
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GPS(I highly use it outdoors), 3G, 5-7 mpx camera(It would be nice if
you always have camera with you) on back, buttons for increase/decrease
volume. Better screen resolution is less important, but I think 800x480
now is standard for such device.
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