New Phone Project (MiniMoko) : Which functionalities ?

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Sat Oct 9 09:52:08 CEST 2010

2010/10/6 Edder <edder at>:
> Will it support headphone, with a microphone?

I think it's safe nowadays to just assume Bluetooth headphones, ie.
not all devices need the extra plugs if something has to be

2010/10/6 giacomo 'giotti' mariani <giacomomariani at>:
> Looks like it miss USB connectivity and I need SSH strongly!

Well SSH over Bluetooth personal area network works just fine, but
indeed I'd also like USB port for charging and connecting other
devices (host mode)

2010/10/6 Maksim 'max_posedon' Melnikau <maxposedon at>:
> Sorry, I don't have skills in GPS, I just see that FR have a problem
> with getting fix

It doesn't have a problem getting fix hardware-wise, probably just the
software you use is not similar in features to eg. separately sold
navigators. Which means that you have it always getting a fix starting
without any data, where it takes similar time (or less) to most
separate GPS devices. Basically the GPS hw on FreeRunner is quite

I don't know what's the status of saving the GPS data and re-uploading
those when turned on. Is it implemented in some version of FSO/gpsd or
other software.


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