New Phone Project (MiniMoko) : Which functionalities ?

Thomas HOCEDEZ thomas.hocedez at
Sun Oct 10 23:47:29 CEST 2010

  On 10/10/10 20:09, Alfa21 wrote:
>>> 2. Use already created MiniBook, just add gsm/3g board inside. IMHO,
>>> more realistic idea and definitely require less efforts.
>> Certainly, space permitting. There may be enough space for navigation sensors
>> too. They are easier to add than the 3G module, and have a similarly low
>> requirement for case mods.
> imho 3g phone module have a certain priority over all the rest.
> I think we should do things gradually, step by step, just to be concrete.
> hey, I'm not saying the rest is crap!
> just do one thing and do it well, to start moving wheels :)
I wish I say your words ;-)
>>> And one more note: attaching anything via external 40pin port, will
>>> make device impossible to attach to Smartbook.
>> The MiniBook can be connected as normal after removing the module. We could
>> design the module so that it can connect everything via USB, in which case the
>> module could dock to one of the USB connections available in the SmartBook.
> so, why we don't just add the µ-usb port and use that both to connect that module, charge the phone, use it as flashdrive etc..?
> also you'd need one and only the usb port on the module so you'll be able to connect directly or through one of the others ports on the smartbook.
> and the barrel 5v connector is removable, imho.
Nice analysis, we have to be concrete, simple & efficient.

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