QTMoko predictive keyboard weirdness

Iain Nicol iain at thenicols.net
Tue Oct 12 20:19:07 CEST 2010

Daniel Weatherill wrote, a long time ago:
> I have a few questions about QTMoko predictive keyboard. I know
> prediction was disabled by default a couple of versions ago, I
> understand this as most people are not english speakers.
> However, some of us ARE english speakers and found the predictive
> keyboard very good [. . . ] Can someone help me with this?

On the off change you're still interested, I found the setting last
night by reading through the source. :-).  I'm running a clean install
of QtMoko 26.

ssh onto your Freerunner and then type:
cd /home/root/Settings/Trolltech
cp /opt/qtmoko/etc/default/Trolltech/PredictiveKeyboard.conf .
echo "unpredictive=0" >> PredictiveKeyboard.conf


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