New Phone Project (MiniMoko) : Which functionalities ?

AstHrO FR-59 thomas.hocedez at
Wed Oct 13 14:37:31 CEST 2010

Hello Gregoire,

I'm Thomas, the one who sent an email to Alexandre for finding a way to
"work" together.

First, a really big ThankYou for responding directly here, everyone is happy
to see that A.I. is a company near of its (future) consumers.

This project is very exciting and a lot of people are ready to help on it. 
I think your idea of a childboard is one of the best way to follow, we could
add a little slice of the MiniBook, fitting everything we want inside,
without reinventing the wheel. (Yours is really cool!). 

So for starting to create such an addon, would it be possible to have some
extra infos on the MID ? (Schemas, wiring diagrams or so ? ) The analysis of
the MID board pictures helps a lot, but with those documents, we won't have
to spend time doing reverse engineering ;-).

I have a last question : When will it be possible to get first MiniBooks ?
If we had one, it can be usefull for starting the job.

Thanks again for your answer, your products, and your open mind.

See you soon,

Thomas HOCEDEZ / Asthro

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