soldering tutorial, was: Re: [Shr-User] uSD hosed, on every unstable.

Alfa21 freerunner at
Thu Oct 14 00:17:01 CEST 2010

> make model micro soldering tutorials? i would really really like to
> fix this if i can.  

I think the size should be the same of the one needed for the buzz fix...
about soldering eeehhhh... good luck! :P
I made my buzz fix and it was a pain in the a**hole!

[0) check your pcb and verify you still have the traces where you'll put the new resistor because maybe you ripped the metal out]

1) remove the board from all the plastic case
2) firmly fix it to a solid table with an adhesive tape
3) do not drink alcohol and keep calm ;)
4) use the sharpest newer soldering tool, 25W-30W
5) put a _little_ of alloy on the little squares of the pcb
6) put the resistor in place and keep it _gently_ pushing down with a small tool, like the point of a pin or similar (gently, otherwise you make it jump away!)
7) take your iron and pick up some but _little_ fresh alloy on the tip and then melt it on the first side of the resistor
8) do the other side of the resistor
9) verify that your resistor is firmly in place and you haven't leaked the alloy around and check any short-circuit

the size is really tiny, so good luck and don't panic!
you can put your resistor in any direction, it hasn't +/- polarity.

be quick with the iron on your components otherwise you'll fry them!
no more than 2-3 sec.
you can cool down the components and do another try little later.

I suggest you to use the eutectic alloy because it's easier to use on this hard size


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