[qtmoko] pim import

giacomo 'giotti' mariani giacomomariani at yahoo.it
Thu Oct 14 12:30:29 CEST 2010

> Hello.
> During these days I'm trying to import/export pim data to/from qtmoko, but
> I've some problems.
> I've deleted all the contacts from the sim card, deleted them all from
> addressbook on sqlite db, and then imported a vcard file. The import looks
> successful, but after rebooting/unmounting the battery or the sim card, my
> addressbook looks full of duplicated entries, and those duplicates are not
> an exact copy of another record: the family name is cut after the 4th
> character, and among the different fields, only the telephone numbers
> appear, no email, address, category, etc. Weird to say, not all the
> original contacts have been duplicated (anyway they are the greatest
> part). How can I avoid getting all these duplicated records?
> Second issue: is there a way to import ical data into the calender and/or
> the todo of qtmoko? If yes, how?
> Thank you,
> urodelo

I've noticed a similar behavior looking at the contacts (not) shared 
between QtEI (NAND) and QtMoko (uSD) and the one imported/exported via 
I think that Qt* automatically export contacts to SIM, but only if they 
are of some given kind (may be, for example, TEL;WORK;VOICE, but not  
This means that  sqt2vcf should be improved...
Moreover, I'd like to have (like in ASU2008 and FDTM) the "export to 
SIM" voice in the contact's menu :-).


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