qtmoko v28

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Oct 24 19:30:38 CEST 2010

David Garabana Barro wrote:

> Hi, Radek
> Could you tell me if is there any difference between qtmoko kernel and shr
> kernel?

They should be neraly the same except that i had problems with glamo KMS, so i 
qtmoko does not have these patches. And i think .config is a bit different.

You can compare the gits [1][2] if you are interested in details.

> I'm asking it because my uSD is recognised (and partitions mounted) on
> every boot without changing any kernel parameter. This is something I
> didn't see since kernel 2.6.29

Hmm it could be something with the glamo KMS patches. If you can reproduce the 
problem reliably them it would be interesting:

- trying SHR kernel sources with qtmoko .config
- trying to merge SHR git into qtmoko git

I could try it, but i have SHR on SD card and i havent found any problems. But 
this could be because i use slow class 2 SD card.
> I couldn't test it thoroughly yet, but I even configured swap in a uSD
> partition and haven't suffered any hang by the moment.
> I'm trying qtmoko v28 in NAND with qtmoko's page Qi.
> This might be also interesting for kernel developers



[1] http://github.com/radekp/linux-2.6/tree/qtmoko-v29
[2] http://gitorious.org/~jama/htc-msm-2-6-32/openmoko-kernel/commits/om-

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