qmoko v28 with jitterless kernel

giacomo mariani giacomomariani at yahoo.it
Sun Oct 24 19:46:52 CEST 2010

> > But, yes there is a but, I can't ssh to the mobile. 
> > Looking, in qterminal, at the output of ifconfig
> everything looks as usual, but demsg givs some strange error
> when the USB cable is attached:
> > g_ether gadget: full speed config #2: RNDIS
> > is followed by a groing (maybe one per second) list of
> > s3c24xx-ts s2c2440-ts: stylus_irq: count=1
> Interesting problem!
> First of all, both kernels work ok here in ssh and
> touchscreen aspects.
> So, few questions to handle this:
> 1. Have you tried 2 kernels - with jitterless patch and
> without one and
> found that jitterless one has not working usb ethernet and
> in other one
> usb ethernet is working?
I've only tried the patched one...

> 2. jitterless patch has no relation to ethernet and has no
> way to
> activate expect touching touchscreen.
I trust you :-)

> 3. the "s3c24xx-ts s2c2440-ts: stylus_irq: count=1" means
> just that we
> recieved expected touchsreen release event (ie you
> releasing you finger
> from ts). Is this message appears without touching
> touchscreen?
You are completely right, it appears only if I touch the screen but yesterday I didn't argued it :-(
> if yes, this is very interesting. just debug message, It would be
> normal to just
> remove it, but it's quite rare (once per release-touch), so
> nobody just
> bothered to remove it.
I've a loglevel=4 variable in uboot-env, may I set it to 0?

> Some problems with TS not really impossible, I got some
> strange
> unexpected interrupts before. But despite of handling
> consequences of
> such interrupts, causes are still unclean.
> Would be good to see full kernel log also.
It's quite difficult with no connection...  will try with wi-fi as soon as I can. 

> > g_ether gadget: full speed config #2: RNDIS
> 4. RNDIS is something related to windows network. Can you
> try to connect
> FR to linux box?
I use freebsd (tried 6.x and 8.x). I will try linux  as soon as I can. 

> Gennady.


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