FoxtrotGPS 1.0.0 now available

Joshua Judson Rosen rozzin at
Wed Oct 27 06:37:54 CEST 2010

Hi everybody,

I'm pleased to announce the release of FoxtrotGPS 1.0.0,
the first stable release since branching from tangoGPS;
tarballs (with detached GnuPG signatures) are available at

There have been a few issues found and fixed since the 0.99.4
release, and several community contributions that Daniel Baumann
has been carrying in his Debian package have been folded in upstream:

    * Typographical errors like "metrical" have been fixed
      (thanks to Brian H Wilson).
    * We now recover gracefully if we lose our connection to gpsd,
      where previously we could get into a state where foxtrotgps
      would gobble CPU-time and potentially fail to reconnect
      (thanks to Timo Juhani Lindfors).
    * When loading GPX files, we now load `routepoints'
      as well as `trackpoints'
      (this was folded in from tangoGPS).
    * A gap in the Finnish translation has been repaired
      (thanks to Timo Jyrinki).
    * The Glade-based GUI is maintained more sanely, to make
      the lives of both GUI-designers and translators easier
      (thanks to Timo Jyrinki for consulting on this, and
       apologies to anyone who I confused with the `' file).
    * A `clear track' button has been enabled, so there's now
      a straightforward way of *unloading* a track
      (this was folded in from tangoGPS).
    * We now have a basic manual (man page) included
      (thanks to Daniel Baumann).
    * ./ now generates less confusing/misleading output.
    * Map-tiles are now displayed as soon as they are loaded--
      we no longer wait for *all* downloads to complete before
      showing *any* new tiles.
    * Paul Wise's script to import GeoRSS points into the POI database
      is now included (thanks, Paul!).
    * Marcus Bauer's convert2gpx and convert2osm scripts are now
      included (thanks, Marcus!), patched with Pavel Zubkou's fix
      (coming via Debian) so that the output of convert2gpx is actually
      valid GPX (thanks, Pavel!); and man pages are included
      (thanks to Daniel Baumann).
    * foxtrotgps.desktop has been clean-up and standardised
      in various ways  (thanks to Daniel Baumann), including
      use of a more appropriate set of categories
      (thanks to a patch from Luca Capello, via Debian).

A full list of changes since our baseline tangoGPS release (0.99.3)
is available in the NEWS file in the package.

Sadly, we haven't receive any kind of feedback from our sister project,
tangoGPS--though there has been one tangoGPS revision since we branched...,
which actually includes some changes that I don't believe we should merge
at this time (mainly the `live logging' additions); so it looks as though
we've reached a point where we can't quite be a strict functional superset
of tango (i.e.: `tangoGPS plus'), and `1.0' marks the point where
the two projects have started diverging.

The only changeset left to merge from tangoGPS, right now, is the HxM
heartrate-monitor support (a somewhat substantial addition), which will
go into the first `1.1 series' release; most of the work of disentangling
and re-integrating the changes from the tangoGPS tarball-release has
already been done, and there's just some minor work left to convert the
GUI-changes to GladeXML (my `reconstituted tangoGPS' branch is available
at <>,
if anyone's interested).

... then I can get back to merging the conversion to use OsmGpsMap :)
and we can work toward the development of many other new and interesting

"Don't be afraid to ask (λf.((λx.xx) (λr.f(rr))))."

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