qtmoko lagging after 2nd boot - was: qtmoko v28

Ugo Raffaele Piemontese ugopiemontese at rudiaelinux.com
Wed Oct 27 12:14:44 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,
I am writing here because I'm having some serious usability issues with 
the latest qtmoko version, v28.

After flashing it to NAND, its speed was impressive: ultra-fast boot, 
great responsiveness and absolutely no lags. I set up my wifi network, 
installed 2 or 3 packages and shutdown the phone since it was slowing down.
At first I tought this could be a RAM problem, but booting my Freerunner 
again after some time (~2 hours) I noticed a general slowness and 
frequent lags from the beginning.
For example, kinetic scrolling is now quite unresponsive (it stops and 
only after few seconds - 2 or 3 - completes the scrolling) and I can't 
write a text message because the keyboard takes a lot of time to reply 
to my input on the touchscreen. Btw, I am absolutely sure this is not a 
problem related to packages installed: they are all games or simple 
utilities. Also, logging service is off.

Is someone experiencing the same problems?

Kind regards,
Ugo Raffaele Piemontese

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