[qtmoko] Strange display on v28 with jitterless kernel

Vinzenz Hersche hersche at puzzle.ch
Fri Oct 29 10:43:59 CEST 2010

Mh, i'm not able to suspend my openmoko while use the ts. But if i do the 
suspend-action and "use" the ts while it's go to suspend, this effect cames, 
you're right :)

Yes, it was always after wake up from suspend. But i didn't know that the 
using of ts while suspending do this effect, so it was a random thing for me.

Because of the jitterless-kernel: i just write this because i just used my 
openmoko since v28 with this kernel. It's nice if this isn't the problem..

Many thanks for the patch! :)
Gennady schrieb am Donnerstag 28 Oktober 2010:
В Чтв, 28/10/2010 в 12:35 +0200, Vinzenz Hersche пишет:
> Hello all,
> i've got a strange problem which is descriped here: http://death-
> head.ch/blog/2010/10/strange-effects-on-my-openmoko-display-with-qtmoko-v28-
> and-jitterless-kernel/ (with video)

Hm, this should not happen. 

This is just slow refresh, which means that glamo remain in slowed down
state. But problem seem that you touchscreen somehow hang, so ts driver
can't restore normal refresh rate. 

Hm, this may happen if suspend happens while you holding touchscreen.
Let me try.... YES. So. Ops, qtmoko has not xrandr.

> The problem seems to came up randomly.

So, did you suspend just before this issue?

I know how to fix suspend and rotation and will prepare patch soon.


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