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Fri Oct 29 12:59:27 CEST 2010

On Friday 29 October 2010, Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-10-28 at 10:27 +0200, Eric Ehlers wrote:
> > Hello,
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> > I added a new section (2.5) to the Openmoko page on wikipedia in an
> > 
> > attempt to reflect the latest status of the project:
> >
> I also think that the history is a bit short, but I don't know enough to
> complete it.
> For instance, I think it was the first commercial free phone. but I
> don't know when exactly the gta01 and gta02 were commercialized.

That should be in the list archives. GTA02 was released start of July 2008, 
but I don't remember the exact date.

> I also wonder if it's the first commercial phone(or not) that permitted
> the installation of native applications(I wonder if the app store for
> the iphone came before or after the openmoko)

It missed that one by a long way. WinCE/WinMo handsets had native applications 
from the start. They were possible with Symbian too, but less common.

> It would be nice to have more info, because else it would be
> forgetten...
> Denis.
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