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Fri Oct 29 14:13:58 CEST 2010

В Птн, 29/10/2010 в 11:59 +0100, Al Johnson пишет:

> > I also wonder if it's the first commercial phone(or not) that permitted
> > the installation of native applications(I wonder if the app store for
> > the iphone came before or after the openmoko)
> It missed that one by a long way. WinCE/WinMo handsets had native applications 
> from the start. They were possible with Symbian too, but less common.

I don't know about WinCE/WinMo, but once somewhere in 2006 i tried to
build small app for my former Symbian phone... Ok, using gcc.exe and
make.exe on Linux is special fun. But it turned out that you can use
full abilities of your device until you get developer sertificate and/or
sign your application. This is done to protect users from malware, but
in the end seem you just can't just write big set of apps for your
phone. So, vendor controlled which application you can install and which
can't. In case of uncontrolled environment you'll just be able to copy
commecial apps from root to other phone.

Here is example how to 'sign' app for particular phone:

My expierence with Symbian were one of reasons to buy Freerunner. Here i
can run and compile anything without any troubles.


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