qtmoko v28

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Oct 31 11:33:03 CET 2010

ghislain wrote:

> I'm trying to adjust my installation images to start using ubifs, but I
> encounter the following problem:
> When I use your rootfs (qtmoko-debian-v28.ubi), everyting is fine, but when
> I use my custom rootfs-image I get a kernel panic.
> I think I do something wrong creating the ubi image, I use the following
> commands from your documentation:
> mkfs.ubifs -r /tmp/qtmoko-debian -o qtmoko-debian.ubifs -x zlib -m 2048 -e
> 126976 -c 2047
> ubinize -o qtmoko-debian.ubi -m 2048 -p 128KiB -s 2048 -O 2048 ubinize.cfg
> (using your ubinize.cfg)
> I've also edited the fstab, so I'm clueless now...
> What do I do wrong, or what am I forgetting?

I dont know. I also use just these 2 commands+correct line for ubifs in 
/etc/fstab. One difference could be that i am now doing the releases in qemu 
for ARM processor, but i did the ubifs also on PC and it was working.

Btw have you tried flash the ubi image with dfu-util or is the installer using 

Otherwise i have taken the instructions for ubifs from here [1] if it can help 



[1] http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/UBIFS

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