[gta04-devel] Fwd: FOSDEM 2011 Devroom on SHR/FSO declined

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra rms at 1407.org
Sun Oct 31 16:35:54 CET 2010

  Em 31-10-2010 11:23, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller escreveu:
>> Not me. A lightning talk about the state of FSO on foreign hardware
>> makes no sense to me and the program of the embedded room seems to be
>> fixed to buildsystems, C libraries, and kernel tweakings for years now.
> Yes, that is also my impression.
> What we can do is to organize our own "virtual devroom". Idea:
> * we open a page fosdem2011 on wiki.openmoko.org
> * everyone tries to get a presentation into all relevant devrooms
> -- Mickey @ Telephony
> -- Nikolaus @ Embedded or Lightning
> -- Serdar @ Distribution miniconf
> -- SHR @ Distribution miniconf
> -- etc.
> * on the wiki page we collect the time, location, title etc. to
> provide our own "Openmoko" view into the FOSDEM database...
> What do you think?

And have the meetings at nice bars in Brussels center ;)


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