OpenWRT with WPA

W. B. Kranendonk wankelwankel at
Thu Sep 2 23:32:36 CEST 2010

Hi List,

I am trying to use OpenWRT with my WPA access point. I can't figure out whether there's anything on board in the standard image to support WPA protected connections.

Opkg gives wpa_supplicant, but it is not available for Freerunner (architecture). The same goes for some other packages at openwrt, though it does update via the s3c24xx branch (/trunk?)[1]. 

Should I --force-architecture, if it were available in opkg? (I can't find it, though.) The architecture it does print is:
root at OpenWrt:~# opkg print_installation_architecture
arch all 1
arch noarch 1
arch arm 10

If not, is the solution to compile wpa_supplicant on the Freerunner for OpenWRT? It seems at least libgcc is installed, but I do not see how to call it: make is not available for this architecture. 

Did anyone connect to a secured access point with OpenWRT on their Freerunner? How?



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