Using freerunner as webcam display

Gennady Kupava gb at
Fri Sep 3 19:18:45 CEST 2010

В Птн, 03/09/2010 в 19:03 +0200, Alexander Lehner пишет:

> I think it's the CPU which is around 90% already at 2fps.
> Another problem is, that the mpeg stream sometimes seems to be corrupt 
> which crashess mplayer after some time.
> So I did a 'while true; do mplayer...; done' around and set codecs and 
> other parameters by hand to avoid the autodetection.

Hey, do not scarify this man with timings, theora, omhacks and etc. I
can play  640*480 mpeg2 at 12fps, glamo can update 640x480 fullscreen at
much higher fps ;)

2 fps is way too low, you should find what is missing.

What is resolution? what is codec, can you rstp service send in
different format (may be mpeg4 will be faster)? Do you sending sound
with your image? Which part of system eats 90% of CPU?

Caclulate your rate and find out why it is so slow, find out why it is
so slow!


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