Using freerunner as webcam display

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Mon Sep 6 12:54:11 CEST 2010

> I think it's the CPU which is around 90% already at 2fps.
> Another problem is, that the mpeg stream sometimes seems to be corrupt 
> which crashess mplayer after some time.
> So I did a 'while true; do mplayer...; done' around and set codecs and 
> other parameters by hand to avoid the autodetection.
Keep in mind that there are several versions of mplayer compiled. Each
of them are better suited for different video formats or other factors:

There is some special version of mplayer with glamo support:

Also PaulTT has compiled a version of mplayer with tremor available:

Or you can use one from FSO:

I have seen a note on wiki that says:
"The kernel is now (July 2010) configured to use kernel-mode switching
(kms) for glamo. The glamo video driver has no direct control over glamo
anymore and cannot use accelerated video playing until a new driver is

Hope this will help you.

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