Free Freerunner, must pick up in Philadelphia

digger vermont dv_mlist at
Mon Sep 6 18:08:45 CEST 2010


I have a Freerunner I'm willing to give away, but I don't have time to mess
around so to get it you must come by and pick it up.  It was bought at the
end of July 2008 and has never had any hardware modifications done to
it. It's had an invisible shield on since day one and is in excellent

Model GTA02
S/N 8B840006
Date Code: 20080508
P/N: 56-21146-00
GSM 850/1800/1900

Please don't ask me to relearn how to go in  look-up all the firmware
revisions, after all, this is free.

I don't always see this list so email me personally if you want to come by
and get it.

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