Got also a WikiReader now

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Thu Sep 9 01:33:28 CEST 2010

Since 'Pulster' recently posted, that he has Germanized WikiReaders, I 
could not resist and ordered one.
Now I've got it and started playing around (first removed the cap to see 
the connector to the debug serial interface - disappointed, I need a 
special adapter to it).
But what really surprised me was the fact, that the delivered SD card not 
only held a german Wikipedia, but also a english and a dutch one!
and I can switch between then during runtime and even the history 
function tracks the different country-specific entries correctly.
This function makes it valuable for me, since there are a lot of 
country-specific pages which are not translated to other languages (simply 
because it sometimes makes no sense).

Of course I was looking around to see some hacks or mods, but I was too 
lazy to set up my own build-chain. The Fortran interface is nice for some 
tests, indeed.
Just for the joy of "yes, we can" I'd be intersted in some different ways 
of abusing that device, and I'm missing a email group like this one for 
the OM handy.
Any pointers to active hackers for the WikiReader?



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