QtMoko v26

Alfa21-mobile freerunner at my.is.it
Fri Sep 10 18:13:02 CEST 2010

>> /* OT
>> I've also added the following line in my /etc/sysctl.conf
>> vm.swappiness=0
>> */
> Why ? what is it ?

please read this:

>> on v26 I can use my FR as a usb drive, with the 2GB partition (1)
>> visible also in a windows system.
>> bye
> -> Nice idea !

and now a question from me:
when the usb mass storage mode is enabled, all the used partitions is
in read only mode..
I see qtmoko exports also the rootfs and imho it's not good because if
I forget to switch off the usb storage ... it's bad for the whole

the question is: how I can configure qtmoko to use only a specific
partition? eg the one mounted on /media/card only?


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