OpenBmap: choosing a network for a tour

Florian Schlichting Florian.Schlichting at
Mon Sep 13 15:29:15 CEST 2010


I have several SIM cards from different networks. When planning a tour,
I wonder which one to use for logging cells (in order for the log to be
most generally useful). The cell display on the openbmap website is good
but far from perfect (I can never be sure to actually see all the cells,
no empty area may actually be an empty area), and it's not really suited
to comparing networks.

Anybody have any idea, or enough knowledge on how to hack up something
suitable? I'm thinking of something like a colour overlay for OSM, where
the color would indicate the network with least coverage (from my choice
of networks), and the color intensity indicating the number of known
cells covering that spot...


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