ANN: Freerunner Navigation Board v2 is finally available

Christoph Mair ml at
Mon Sep 13 22:38:21 CEST 2010

Am Montag 13 September 2010, 01:14:43 schrieb jeremy jozwik:
> indeed, is there any software in the works to take advantage of this?
> i think i might have to snag one and add it on when i tear open my
> phone to fix the sd card...

Kernel drivers for most chips are available from [1]. Each sensor (except the 
touch/proximity sensor) is supported by the sensor-monitor application [2].

Better overall integration is planned. Mickey agreed to add dbus interfaces to 
FSO. I am trying to get the drivers merged into official kernel repositories, 
but most of them lack documentation and proper error handling.

I will try to get these drivers merged into the SHR and/or QtMoko kernel 
repositories, but I'll have to find out if the maintainers would accept these 
"beta"-drivers until I get them ready for
Meanwhile you have to compile them yourself or bug me to do it for you (should 
not be a problem, except that I have to do it again when the kernel version 
string changes).

Other software that is available or planned:

* Compass (HMC5843): A kernel driver (not mine) was merged upstream (into 
staging/iio) a few weeks ago.
It should be rather easy to enhance fso-gpsd to use magnetic measurements.

* Gyroscope (ITG-3200): There is no software support that I'm aware of. I will 
try to implement an inertial navigation solution but you are probably faster 
if you try yourself instead of waiting for mine.

* Pressure sensor (BMP085): My kernel driver was merged upstream. There are no 
other userspace applications available till now.

* LED controller: The kernel driver was initially written for the GTA03 (found 
it somewhere on the internet). I did not push it to my repository yet but I 
will do it during this week. Maybe the FSO team adds support for this..

* A/D: Missing userspace applications (except the sensor monitor)

* Oscillator: Still buggy. If I can fix the bug I will implement a LIRC driver 
to use it as a remote control.

Of course, the lack of applications means that you should do something to 
improve the situation! Either add new Ideas to the wiki page or start hacking 
on something ;-)



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