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Thu Sep 16 20:35:10 CEST 2010

I didn't mention it, but I did just that. I stood in a field, looking at
grasshoppers for 5 minutes. That's when I decided to take a walk.

This weekend, I left my FR on a table in the back yard for 20 minutes. Still
no fix.

-- Ori Pessach

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 11:25 AM, Gennady Kupava <gb at bsdmn.com> wrote:

> В Чтв, 16/09/2010 в 11:51 -0600, Ori Pessach пишет:
> > I don't think I explained myself very clearly. I don't expect the GPS
> > to get a fix indoors - only to get a fix outdoors without also being
> > indoors so it can pick up a WiFi signal which is required in my case
> > to go through the rest of the steps you listed. (caching the maps - is
> > this really necessary for getting a fix?)
> To get first fix, _stay at one position_ outdoor for a while (try 5
> minutes, but you should get it 1-2 minutes). After you'll get a fix, it
> will work without problems. If not, try restart your nerongps. To debug,
> open GPS serial port in terminal but i don't know details.
> And yes, really i just told you to download map before going outdoor :)
> Gennady
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