QtMoko v26

Jim Morris ml at e4net.com
Thu Sep 16 20:48:46 CEST 2010

Ori Pessach wrote:
> I didn't mention it, but I did just that. I stood in a field, looking at 
> grasshoppers for 5 minutes. That's when I decided to take a walk.
> Â 
> This weekend, I left my FR on a table in the back yard for 20 minutes. 
> Still no fix.

Ok, so a couple of things you can try...

take out the memry card if you have one in, on older models having that in could cause enough 
interference to stop the gps getting a fix, The other thing to try is check the gps external antenna 
connector, sometimes it can come loose and stop the signal.

Jim Morris, http://blog.wolfman.com

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