Broken AUX :-(

Thomas HOCEDEZ thomas.hocedez at
Fri Sep 17 15:29:56 CEST 2010

 Le 17/09/2010 07:48, Christ van Willegen a écrit :
> On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 10:41 PM, Alex Samorukov <ml at> wrote:
>> On 09/16/2010 09:37 PM, Christ van Willegen wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> I think I broke my AUX button tonight.
>>> Is there anyone who can fiox this?
>> I did this one time.
>> Open your phone and find if aux button on board is damaged or not. In my
>> case it was only unsoldered, so i soldered it back myself.
> I don't feel very confident that I can solder it back on myself.
> Perhaps a friendly neighbour can...
> I'll see when I get the time to open the phone. Unfortunately, work
> and RL takes up most of the week lately :-(
> Christ van Willegen

I fixed one during an outside fair (Braderie de Lille), on a wood table,
while my brother was mixing music on the same table... So it is not AT
ALL difficult - you d'ont have to remove the motherboard - You only have
to be calm & without cafein in your veins (is it only possible ;-) )

Good luck,

Thomas HOCEDEZ / asthro /

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