[QtMoko v26] GSM Multiplexer (GPRS)

Alex Samorukov ml at os2.kiev.ua
Sun Sep 19 04:19:50 CEST 2010


After debugging i found that most of gprs related issues are coming from 
qtopia multiplexer. I decided to try to use external multiplexer with 
qtopia. For the initial experiment i did:

1) compiled latest gsm0710muxd on debian (i know that there is 
fso-abyss, but i got some problems on compilation, gsm0710 is much easer 
to build, so i started with it).

2) Connected to phone using ssh and stopped qtmoko (/etc/init.d/qpe.sh stop)

3) started gsm0710muxd -v and requested virtual channel using dbus

dbus-send --system --print-reply --type=method_call 
--dest=org.pyneo.muxer /org/pyneo/Muxer 
org.freesmartphone.GSM.MUX.AllocChannel string:$id

I got pts /dev/pts/3, and modified /opt/qtmoko/qpe.env with export 
QTOPIA_PHONE_DEVICE="/dev/pts/3:115200". Also i disabled qtmoko 
multiplexing in the /home/root/Settings/Trolltech/Modem.conf 
([Mutiplexing] section, Active=no).

4) Then i started qpe. It started correctly, detected network, etc. Then 
i requested another virtual tty (see #3) and started manually pppd on it.

 From the first view - qtmoko works stable, gprs starts/stops much 
better, no problems found so far. I want to test this for some time and 
if it will work fine then i will try to build qtopia with 
QMultiPortMultiplexer to use external mutiplexer.

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