[QtMoko v26] online via GPRS

Alex Samorukov ml at os2.kiev.ua
Mon Sep 20 16:48:08 CEST 2010

On 09/18/2010 06:40 PM, Marcel Meyer wrote:
> * "on demand" does not seem to work. When I use NeronGPS and a map is missing,
> it seems as GPRS _tries_ to get online but that's all ;-)
I never tested "on demand" mode. Now i see that there is a bug in 
original qtopia. When pppd is started in "ondemand" mode its not opening 
serial port (as designed). QPE expects its to be open and start to write 
to the closed tty and hangs. Bug is somewhere inside QPE pppd manager, 
if i will have some free time i will fix it, it is trivial (e.g. - by 
initing serial port before running pppd).

There are 2 other related bugs:

1) Default gateway is already set to (usb), so traffic 
never comes to pppd. as far as i remember - linux support weight for the 
gateways, so fix is also trivial, but will require some work. Another 
bug is related to indicator - it doesnt work correctly in "on demand" 
mode, showing irrelevant status. Probably also not too hard to fix.
> * Staying online over a longer period of time seems to lead to a complete
> failure of the GPRS-stack so that I have to reboot the Neo to be able to get
> online again.
I believe that this was fixed by me - GPRS session used the same ID 
numbers as Voice calls. I found that when fixed voice calls with active 
GPRS. Patch is done and probably will be in next qtmoko release.
> * Choosing "always on" leads to the phone trying to get online after booting
> and then hangs on the QtMoko-startscreen (after entering the PIN) when it
> tries to get online.
See above. May be i will fix this, but not sure if i will have a free 
time. Fix is trivial, looks like nobody tested "ondemand" mode at all, 
bug is inside QPE core. GPRS Status fix may be will get some more time, 
i`m not really understand how this indicators works :) But i`m afraid 
"ondemand" mode, especially if i`m in roaming :)
> * I meanwhile managed to immediately switch to the internet settings after
> rebooting the phone (hard-reset) and deactivate the GPRS-connection before
> QtMoko managed to get online.
You can ssh to the phone, delete default route (route delete default), 
add ppp0 as defroute (route add default ppp0) and ping any host - pppd 
will open port and system will be alive again :)

If you want to test the fix - write me to samm at os2.kiev.ua and i will 
send you modified libs.

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