MokoTrack a real time tracker for the moko

Shosholoza cavaldan at
Mon Sep 20 19:49:27 CEST 2010

I Developed a real time tracker for the moko! If anyone wants to test can
download the tar at this link: mokotrack tar 
For run you must:

- Copy the file to moko
- Untar mokotrack.tar
- Edit the file conf and set the right APN, username and password by default
is an italian provider

There is not a graphical interface so to start you must open the terminal go
to "mokotrack" directory and type "./track"
If everything works fine just launched the application will be assigned an
ID and a password that is used to control the moko from web. 
To see the location you have to connect to this address: MokoTrack web page 

So you can display the track or position with the ID that was assigned.
To send commands to the moko click on "info" from the web page.You will have
the current state of the moko and you can send commands (increase the
frequency of coordinates, set the minimum distance for considering two
different positions, exit by the app, turn off your cell, etc.).Of course to
give the commands you must enter the assigned password.The application at
startup sets up a firewall to minimize the flow of Internet data.Closes ppp
port except the one using the application.The GPRS connection is opened each
time and closed immediately after sending the coordinates.That way you
minimize the exchange of bytes(see this discussion:;cid=1285001559969-981 
Gprs sent and receive random byte. WHY? ).
In the terminal will be displayed the current operations and after sent the
coordinate will be show the number of bytes sent and received in the
session.The application is tested on SHR. It used D-bus

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