WikiReader strangeness

Joachim Pedersen joachimp at
Mon Sep 27 19:52:26 CEST 2010

I've had my WR for about 9 months or so, its seen quite a lot of use
and love, impressed many and been across the globe with me. A couple
of weeks ago it just stopped starting up when the power button was
pressed. When the power button is pressed a one or  two pixel line
flashes on the screen, and nothing happens. I've tried re-seating the
microSD card, and replacing the batteries, which had no effect on the
problem. I was running a recent RC build for the last couple of

 Any ideas on what might be going on? Can someone point me to pin-out
spec for the debug connector? Is it 3.3v? Is it possible to
buy/find/have a serial cable that fits the debug connector/pads?
Thanks ahead for any info/links!


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