mokomaze 5.5 and shr-u 20100921 accelerometers off axis

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Thu Sep 30 10:45:37 CEST 2010


jerjozwik wrote:
>hello list, im running latest mokomaze and shr-u 20100921, even after
>re-calibrating the the game mokomaze reads the accelerometers off
>meaning if i lay the freerunner on a flat surface and start lifting on
>its left edge, the moko maze ball moves to top left of the screen.
>and if i start lifting on the right edge the mokomaze ball moves to
>bottom right.

Unfortunately, there were no updates for the Mokomaze for a long period of
time. It seems that accelerometer's IDs are swaped in the latest shr-u
kernels, so the game reads data from the first (top) accelerometer which is
turned 45 degrees around the Z axis. I'll try to investigate the problem and
post a patches for Mokomaze's accelerometer poll code.

I have a secret long term plan to add a menu with input device settings to
Mokomaze. It will appear on the first game load to assist a user to
correctly select and calibrate accelerometer/joystick. So, it will give a
possibility to run a game on any suitable device (e.g. TouchBook/SmartBook,
Caanoo, ...) without code modifications.

Best regards,
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