Broken Freerunner - repairable?

omcomali.rhn at omcomali.rhn at
Wed Aug 3 19:04:07 CEST 2011

Hi all,

Last week I was unfortunate enough to have my Freerunner submerged in a lake for a short moment. While I took out the battery immediately, it doesn't quite work any more.
It spent about 10 secs underwater, and after a few days of drying, it seems to boot properly both from NAND menu and plain power-button method.

The problem is, the screen goes gradually white at some points during boot (but not on the SHR-Today screen, where the screen shows distorted copies of the screen). I tried reflashing a newer SHR version, but apparently the drawing methods are still the same.

There's a video of the boot process here: (5 MB).
After the video ends, the screen goes white again. It doesn't show NAND boot menu which works fine.

Can anyone point me to which replaceable part may be broken? Is it the whole screen module that needs to be replaced?


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