Broken Freerunner - repairable?

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Thu Aug 4 23:21:04 CEST 2011

On Thu, 4 Aug 2011, Hrabosh wrote:

> Patryk Benderz pí?e v ?t 04. 08. 2011 v 10:02 +0200:
>> [cut]
>> > I left it on the windowsill with battery removed (but was too afraid
>> > to open the case). Do yoy think it was enough?
>> definitely not. You need to open the case and clean the residue.
>> Especially if the water was not clean (like from a lake) or salty. If
>> you are afraid you can always ask someone skilled to do it.
> True! You have to open it, unplug each internal cable (display unit,
> maybe something more) and clean everything with alcohol, flux remover or
> something similar.
> It is not a rocket sience :-) You just need to get rid of the fear of
> using a screw driver on $300 unit.

Well, it somehow is, concerning the GPS antenna (whose satelites are 
transported by rockets).
I already broke one GPS antenna cable and that is for sure unrepairable 
with usual soldering tools.
But the rest of my phone has survived many, many (dis-)assembling steps 
without problems.

Instructions for example:


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