[QtMoko] How do you manage your free space ?

Gennady Kupava gb at bsdmn.com
Sat Aug 6 21:42:07 CEST 2011

В Птн, 05/08/2011 в 22:13 +0400, Dmitry Chistikov пишет:
> Sebastian Reinhardt, Aug. 05, 2011, 19:20 +0200:
> > Am 05.08.2011 19:01, schrieb Xavier Cremaschi:
> > To save some space, You can copy whole directory "/usr" to sd-card and 
> > create an symbolic link ("ln -s path-to-sd-card/usr /usr"). This can 
> > help a little, because many data of additional packages is stored to 
> > directory "/usr"........
> First, I'd recommend using an fstab line instead of a symlink.
> It's a more standard method of "joining" filesystems on different devices.
> If one cannot allocate a separate partition for /usr for some reason,
> it is advisable to use a bind mount (man mount, search for "bind mounts")
> as an fstab line.
> It should be checked, however, whether the system is able to boot
> correctly, when configured in any of these ways (including one with
> a symlink). According to FHS, it must be able to boot, but things
> might have been broken accidentally. (Though I hope they are not.)

Symlink works perfectly for /usr. I had some problems with simplinking
some parts of some root dirs, but big ones working just fine. I've ended
this practice because qtmoko had no smooth upgrade path and because of
expirements with glamo sd. Also i think it's probably better to have
single tree in fstab, not a graph of mounts until it's impossible to
avoid it like in case of mounting parts of / fs into chroot directory
(main reason bind mount appeared i think). Also you free to create,
rename or remove symlink, while bind-mount is sligly more difficult to


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