openmoko neo --- Debian install from scratch now works (was: fails)

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Wed Aug 17 12:12:31 CEST 2011

2011/7/20 e.waelde <ew.ng7125 at>:
> as of yesterday evening, installing a neo from scratch fails.

I compiled again the 2.6.34 kernel yesterday evening, and uploaded it
and got it finally properly into pkg-fso repository where as the
working kernel used to linger in the incoming directory because of a
few reprepro problems. I also updated to use that by
default and tested that an run now works properly and the
device boots!

Try these to get started with Debian minimal installation at the moment:

1. Boot to other distribution that is on NAND, like QtMoko or SHR
2. wget -O
3. QI=true SINGLE_PART=true ./ all
4. Reboot
5. Login via USB/ssh (default root password "changeme")
6. Get a bit more software manually: apt-get install foxtrotgps gpsd
navit midori wicd lxterminal xorg zhone/experimental
python-ecore/experimental python-edje/experimental
python-evas/experimental zhone-illume-glue/experimental

Debian still has those E17 Python bindings only in experimental, which
is why a working Zhone is also now only in experimental. Note that
there is a problem with the old FSO1 stack reported by Dmitry
Chistikov in July. A new FSO2 stack is being uploaded to Debian now
finally soon by the great work of Rico Rommel. After that we need
people to work on updating eg. the Zhone2, SHR UI sofware and other
FSO2 compliant stuff into Debian, together with needed E17 stuff.

(more information at , or
IRC/Freenode #openmoko-debian)


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