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Henrik Pihl ahvenas at
Sat Aug 20 18:22:53 CEST 2011

> ---------- Edastatud kiri ----------
> From: Timo Jyrinki <timo.jyrinki at>
> To: "e.waelde" <ew.ng7125 at>
> Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2011 13:12:31 +0300
> Subject: Re: openmoko neo --- Debian install from scratch now works (was: fails)
> 2011/7/20 e.waelde <ew.ng7125 at>:
>> as of yesterday evening, installing a neo from scratch fails.
> I compiled again the 2.6.34 kernel yesterday evening, and uploaded it
> and got it finally properly into pkg-fso repository where as the
> working kernel used to linger in the incoming directory because of a
> few reprepro problems. I also updated to use that by
> default and tested that an run now works properly and the
> device boots!
> Try these to get started with Debian minimal installation at the moment:
> 1. Boot to other distribution that is on NAND, like QtMoko or SHR
> 2. wget -O
> 3. QI=true SINGLE_PART=true ./ all
> 4. Reboot
> 5. Login via USB/ssh (default root password "changeme")
> 6. Get a bit more software manually: apt-get install foxtrotgps gpsd
> navit midori wicd lxterminal xorg zhone/experimental
> python-ecore/experimental python-edje/experimental
> python-evas/experimental zhone-illume-glue/experimental
> Debian still has those E17 Python bindings only in experimental, which
> is why a working Zhone is also now only in experimental. Note that
> there is a problem with the old FSO1 stack reported by Dmitry
> Chistikov in July. A new FSO2 stack is being uploaded to Debian now
> finally soon by the great work of Rico Rommel. After that we need
> people to work on updating eg. the Zhone2, SHR UI sofware and other
> FSO2 compliant stuff into Debian, together with needed E17 stuff.
> (more information at , or
> IRC/Freenode #openmoko-debian)
> -Timo

  Currently #openmoko-debian doesn't have a clue about whereabouts of
newer GTA01 kernels - the fails due to that (2.6.24). Are
those home-made or is someone sharing them as well? :) My googling
doesn't reveal anything useful.


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