First beta release of Aurora

Simon Busch morphis at
Wed Aug 31 08:19:48 CEST 2011


a little bit late but it's still august so who cares? The first release
of the aurora project has finally arrived. It is still in beta state but
ready to be flashed on your Palm Pre / Pre Plus / Pre 2 devices.

The images for each device you find in [1]. Just download them and
follow the guide in [2] to get it working on your device. A short
overview about the the first release you get in [2] too.

Whats is Aurora?

The aim of Aurora is to replace zhone and zhone2 as development UIs for
FSO. From the viewpoint of a middleware architect,
it's essential to have clients available that use the various features
of the FSO services. On the other hand though, this
time we want to create something that is also suitable for day to day
use. Aurora is supposed to be something we call
a "featurephone client" – featurephones being those things we used for
telephony before smartphones were invented.

Aurora being a featurephone client does not necessarily mean it will
never get the "smartphone features" Android or iOS
are popular for, it rather describes our approach as being
as-simple-as-possible. So for now you will not be able to
install additional apps or features. Everything (you need) is part of
the Aurora client.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and we're happy about bug



Simon Busch -

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