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Tue Aug 30 19:13:18 CEST 2011

k with JOSM licensechange plugin [1] everything around the path. Some highw=
ays (roads, tracks, some paths) should be visible from Bing and Italian PCN=
Yet another thing to add in my TODO list for the ViaAlpina. If you want to =
help ;-)  I've put a dedicated TMS for this here:


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Objet: Re: Advance OpenStreetMap surveying with GTA04?

On Sun, 18 Mar 2012 13:16:48 +0100
Mayeul Kauffmann <mayeul.kauffmann at> wrote:

> I need a GPS receiver to:
> 1- find our way
> 2- know what is already in OSM database (with full tags)

Between now and your trip time is the 1st April, on which date an
unknown quantity of data will be purged from the OSM database, as part
of the goal of pursuing a different licence for the database.

This will alter what is in the OSM database, and you should have access
to other maps under these circumstances.
I assume that you will also take those old fashioned paper ones with

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