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>Dear all,
>I think we need to heavily increase the awareness about the GTA04 in
the Linux communities! There have been no reports in the usual new
channels of the >announcement that the GTA04 is now ready to be ordered.
At least I have not seen them.
>And, if I read this:
>it is obvious why the open and free software community needs a device
where every individual has control over the software.
>Some ideas:
>If you have additional ideas, please share!
I first heard about OpenMoko on
I keep a window open there daily and update it a few times a day to keep
up with Linux development.
I think someone with good inside info should write a good article for
posting on and submit it. This should increase visibility

I'm sure there are other sites others use to keep up with Linux. This is
just the one I use.


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