GTA04 Group Buy - Status

rixed at rixed at
Fri Dec 2 15:06:00 CET 2011

Please everyone be prudent before claiming that this could be ready for
general users as a conventional phone.  Last time we pretended the
openmoko was acceptable as a end-user product some non technical people
bought it, then had tons of troubles (buzz, bad sound quality), then
were responded that this is only a hacker friendly prototype and so on,
and as a result many people end up upset against the phone (that may be
why the conversion rate gta02->gta04 is so unexpectably low).

This is very unlikely one will experiment the same end-user experience
with a gta04 than, say, with any nokia device. We can't put the same
testing effort in the device. There will be buzz, there will be
interferences, there will be heating chipsets :), etc.

Please end user don't forget we are nothing but a bunch of optimistic
enthousiasts. :-)

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