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Sat Dec 3 11:49:47 CET 2011

Hi Michael

Well I for one would like a smartphone with completely open software - if an open implementation of baseband code also led to an improvement in user experience on the freerunner, that would be a bonus. Like you, I'm not too concerned about rules imposed on us by large corporations, if the code is good, they will not know their rules are being broken.

I can understand that the calypso currently is the best chance to achieve this; it is nice to imagine this will be done and then act like a trojan to open the gates wide for other projects. 

I've no knowledge of how to code directly to hardware, so I'm never going to be more than a bystander, at least not until the stage was reached where testing could be done. I have no clue whether what you say, about people in the free software camp witholding code/information from you is a fact. As I bystander, if it were true it is dissappointing, although I think you have gone about this in a very sub-optimal way and that you should step back and consider how to approach people who may (or indeed may not) be able to help you.

Best wishes
David Matthews
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