Phoenux in the media, Part xxiv

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Sat Dec 3 16:07:20 CET 2011

I suppose the expense aspect comes down to what do you expect for your
money. I currently use my Freerunner as a day to day phone - but I never
expected this community and the software to be as solid as it is now. I
bought it as a toy, not a day to day phone.

If the GTA-04 board is not able to function as a reliable daily phone -
great - I expect this functionality  will take time. I look at the
educational aspects, learning more stuff as the value. I can buy a simple
Nokia for $30 at the grocery store if it isn't good enough to use ase a
"main mobile" (yet).

Summary : I never expected the Freerunner to be a reliable day to day phone
but it is! A lot of tweaking IS required (forgetting hardware mods). I want
to take it to the next level of technology which the GTA-04 board will
afford me. And I will afford it .... knowledge is power my friends.


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> Hi List,
> I am not yet through the mail from last night till now, so I'm not sure
> some
> one else already spotted this (moderately positive, with fewer negative
> comments than ./....) article: "Openmoko's FreeRunner lives on in Golden
> Delicious"
> Boudewijn
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