wiki spam - urgent

Petr Vanek vanous at
Sun Dec 4 21:32:29 CET 2011

Dear all, mainly old openmoko admins,

we have been dealing with the spam attacks on quite
successfully until now, but it s getting more and more
difficult. I have now cleared over 600 posts (big THANKS to everyone,
who keeps marking spams as for speedy deletion), which is about
weekly/biweekly spam dosage, but as every page requires three clicks,
you do the math for what muscle memory my fingers are developing :)

If there is anyone able to help from the admin side, suggestions have
been posted here. on
what could/should be implemented to eliminate spambots.

We also need more people to be granted erase permissions, i think it is
clear from the logs who contributes and is eligible.

If admins have no time, is there anyone with mediawiki experiences who
could implement the given suggestions easily (given they would need to
be granted some required access)? Please stand up. 

thank you


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