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Sebastian Reinhardt snr at
Mon Dec 5 09:32:13 CET 2011

Am 05.12.2011 03:23, schrieb Wolfgang Spraul:
>> We also need more people to be granted erase permissions, i think it is
>> clear from the logs who contributes and is eligible.
> I apologize, it's not clear to me but I will add erase or admin
> permissions if you give me a list of user names.
> I do not believe this solves the bigger problem though, even though
> the spam deletion efforts are truly amazing. Over on the Qi wiki, we
> have a much more recent MediaWiki 1.18 or so with visual math captcha
> etc. I think very soon the Openmoko community has to make a decision
> whether we want to upgrade the MediaWiki version and include the
> latest spam fighting extensions, or turn the entire wiki into a
> read-only resource.
> Thanks a lot for speaking up, and helping keep the Openmoko wiki
> clean...
> Cheers,
> Wolfgang
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I think You should try "captchas" ( 
to verify, which entry is made by an spambot and which not.

Kind regaards

Sebastian Reinhardt

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