Anyone has done a Comparison GTA02 GPS Antenna vs. Nokia N95?

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Mon Dec 5 16:02:54 CET 2011


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> On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 2:44 PM, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at> wrote:
> We have seen that the N95 has a quite simple
> flexible PCB GPS antenna instead of the ceramic
> patch of the GTA0*. Does anyone of you own
> both, a N95 and GTA0*?
> I have a N95 and a few GTA02s. Let me know what exactly do you want me to test re GPS?


Do you have some software for both that shows the
satellite positions and (relative) signal strength?

What will be interesting is if the GTA02 sees the satellites
more uniform.

The background is that the ceramic patch antenna in the
GTA02/04 should have a more omnidirectional sensitivity
while the N95 has just one flexible PCB with a long wire.

And the latter should show some clear direction sensitivity.

I.e. if the device is rotated some satellites should
become weaker and others stronger.

So far the theory we want to probe :)

If the N95 antenna does not show such effects, we
may have a cheaper approach for future GTA04 variants.
And they may be more easily integrated into new cases
than the 15x15mm ceramic block...

Many thanks for any results,
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