[OT] HP contributes webOS software to the open source community

urodelo urodelomutante at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 10 19:48:55 CET 2011

On the last Friday HP has announced that webOS will be released to the  
open source community:



At the moment, for what I know, it's not clear under which license the  
code will be released. It seems to me that it was the only way to let  
webOS survive to the doubtful management of HP. However, I wonder if they  
can just give it away getting almost nothing in exchange, considering  
their expensive of 1,2 billions $ for buying it from Palm (one of the  
worst business ever in the IT. for HP, of course). What makes my thinking  
right now, are sentences like "will be going open source with the  
resources of HP behind it"... In other words, HP will keep the control of  
the development.
Do they think they can still get anything ($$) from webOS? If not, why  
they didn't let everything in the hands of the community?
I've never used webos devices, just red articles about Palm devs,  
comments, etc, but I believe that an open source webos could have a  
positive impact on openmoko community too. What do you think?


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