QtMoko v37 for GTA02

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Wed Dec 14 16:49:01 CET 2011

On Wednesday 14 December 2011 12:50:23 Guilhem Bonnefille wrote:

> A native navit GUI with deep integration with qtMoko would be great.
> For example, an integration with address book, to store location of a
> contact in address book and firing a GPS guidance in navit from
> address book. An other same integration would be to enable neronGps to
> do the same (replacing guidance by a simple waypoint display).

This is really nice idea.

> I'm quite surprise you think porting navit will be easy. AFAK, navit
> qt GUI is based on QML which is not supported by qtMoko. Something new
> on this part?

If i understand it right, navit has plugins for GUI type and painter type. GUI 
types are "gtk", "qml" and "internal". There are many types of painter plugins 
- one of them is qt_painter or e.g. sdl.

"internal" gui type need just painter and it can draw menus, buttons and so 
on. So "internal" gui and "qt_painter" can give you the classical navit gui 
and i already have it quite working on qtmoko.

Later we would probably need to have Qt GUI so that menus and other controls 
are native.



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